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Renee Lowe BarnesLinked in Resume

I am a portrait artist in the New Orleans Metro area. My business is based in Metairie, Louisiana--a suburb just outside the city limits.

My goal is to create beautiful masterpiece's for my clients. Each piece is carefully drawn or painted with care and with attention to detail. I want to create a priceless work of art for each customer.

My art is naturalistic and realistic.  I am open to requests for simplification of the picture or to match another artists style of portraiture.

I am offering portraits in pencil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, color pencil, and oils. Portraits are offered for sale through my


I can draw your portrait based on a photo taken by you and submitted to me via conversation.

**Please do not send me photos that infringe on the rights of other photographers.


Renee loves the beauty of the natural world and the innocence and beauty of the young child. Renee believes that art should enhance the home and inspire the human spirit with works of stunning beauty and clarity. The artwork should portray the beauty within the person, tell a story, or create uplifting feelings in the spectator. These beliefs are portrayed in her works.

Renee's favorite subject matters are nature, wildlife, scenes from around the city of New Orleans, and portraits of babies, families, and pets. Renee likes to capture the sparkle and the personality of the subject in her art. Some artworks are so vivid and appears so real, you would think it is going to leap at you or that you can reach out and touch it. Renee has always been a perfectionist and she strives for perfection in every piece of art she creates.


I am a portrait artist, photographer, and graphic designer and I offer my custom portrait services online through My fine art photography is available for sale through Fine Art If you need some custom work completed, please contact me through my etsy website via conversation. My work is completed at my home studio in Metairie, Louisiana.

I received my first art instruction while attending Archbishop Chapelle High School in Metairie, LA. I participated in the Art Honors program and was considered the top artist in my class in 1997.

While attending UNO and completing a degree in Music education, I kept up my artistic skills for fun and always enjoyed painting, drawing, photography and design. After completing my degree, I taught Elementary Instrumental music as a certified teacher in Orleans Parish Schools for 3 years until Hurricane Katrina.

Since Katrina, I have opened up my own art business in June 2010 selling portraits and photography online.

I have recently gone back to school to get my degree in Graphic Design at Delgado Community College. Since attending Delgado, I have become proficient in the use of the latest Adobe Suite for creatives. I am able to restore damaged photos, perform photo touchups, create vector images and logos, and offer web design services. My photography skills are also available for purchase. To see a full menu of graphic design and portrait services, please visit my Services page.

Please check the gallery in the future as she continues to add more works to her collection. I am also starting a tutorial page for those interested in learning some of my techniques.

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